February 2019

“Every time I go to City Hall or the DMV to pay tickets, it’s a wall of black and brown people … The line is almost around the corner,” said Desmond Abrams, an activist in Buffalo.

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February 2018

“They were started to be tough on crime and we know that’s coded language for policing black and brown neighborhoods,”

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June 2018

“Anything short of ending money bail is not enough.”

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June 2017

"Folks go to art festival, they go to the Taste of Buffalo and they're not surrounded by police officers asking them to put their shirts on, asking them what's in their backpacks, asking them to stop gathering with their friends," Brown said. 

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December 2017

One of those policing policies protestors want changed is the city's “Strike Force,” which has come under scrutiny following an Investigative Post report that detailed 10 strike force or housing unit arrest cases thrown out by judges who determined the searches that led to the arrest were done unconstitutionally.

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september 2018

Some attending the vigil carried handwritten placards that read: "This is our neighborhood. Our power will not be squashed," and "Hold police accountable." Others shouted epithets in connection to police.

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july 2018

“…just like in Ferguson, money – not crime control – appears to be a big part of the motivation here. The first year of the Buffalo checkpoints, according to the lawsuit, police issued 92 percent more traffic tickets than in the prior year,…” 

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