Black Love Resists in the Rust


About us

Black Love Resists in Rust is the only intentional space for Black and Brown folks in Buffalo.

We organize at the intersections of embodied leadership, healing justice, political education and transformational organizing.

We envision a Buffalo where communities are sustainable and have what they need to thrive without external assistance.

We know we cannot do this without a base who is engaged and without significantly shifting the material conditions for most of Buffalo’s residents, which is why our current work is focused on ending the oppression enforced by the state.

Our campaigns

We aim to abolish the police by reducing their budget and democratizing Buffalo’s Budget in order to shift and invest in much needed community resources that would increase safety; passing state and local policies that would end money bail, give those incarcerated rights to a speedy trial and change discovery laws; reducing the number of officers on the force by enforcement policies that would penalize those who engage in racist, unlawful practices targeting Buffalo’s Black and Brown residents and those that criminalize poverty; and, just as important, educating the public on the history of policing in this country and collectively implementing alternatives that actually keep our communities safe.


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